Degen Hamsters the first-ever made experimental hyper-deflationary Nft project is coming to Solana! 

10,000 unique AI generated hand-drawn Nfts with a degen tweak.


The Degen subculture that resides and thrives deep within the early Crypto space has infected and mutated also the cutest Hamsters giving birth to the Degen Hamsters. What before was only a way to trading the Crypto market but has later become a lifestyle!

75% of the  secondary market fees given back to the community - forever!

Deflationary and customisable!

Low minting price for everyone to participate!

Furthermore Degen Hammies holders will also gain access to holder exclusive team based competitions, holder exclusive limited FCFS releases, holder exclusive new collection airdrops and more...

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The Lab will allow you to fuse two Degen Hammies at the condition to burn one of the two.

But that's not all, you will also be able to choose which traits to keep and which ones to remove. 


This will give everyone the chance to upgrade the rarity of their nfts and/or create their fav Degen Hammy while reducing constantly the total supply  - we all know what happens once the supply keep decreasing.

Create your fav Degen Hammy!


-Establish Social Media Presence

-Influencers Partnerships

-Finalising Minting Dapp

-Presale-Pass Contests

-Featuring On Secondary Marketplaces

-Ongoing Contest & Partnerships Integration

-Publish Rarity Table

-Website Revamp

-Starting "The Lab" Development

-Heavy Marketing Deployment

-Celebrities Endorsement

-Community Giveaways

Nick T.

-Content Creator


David H.



Alan B.


A team of 3 good friends with an addiction for Crypto and NFTs. Too curious to see how Defi features will melt into the NFTs world that we decided to bring our own ideas and vision. Thanks to everyone who will join this fun journey!